An expected journey

On Tuesday 1 March, I finally packed up and moved to Crete. After months of planning, it should have all been plain sailing, but that was far from the case. You see, the complications arose because I decided to bring my cat, Smudge, to Crete with me. She is 14 years old but very healthy, and very clingy (so there was no chance that I was going to leave her behind). I took advice from the vets, and they agreed the best course of action would be to bring her with me.

After speaking to the airline, it was confirmed that she would travel in the cabin with me and I would stay with her at all times. What the airline say over the phone though, is not what the ground staff understand. I got to Gatwick airport nice and early on Tuesday, and it’s lucky I did. None of the staff seemed to know what to do with the cat, and it took over an hour to check in. When I finally did check in, they actually took my cat off me and said she would go through security and not be returned to me until I was boarding the plane.

I’m afraid to say, I did cry as she was led off – I just felt so guilty. As I’ve already mentioned, she is very clingy with me, and I knew she would be so scared surrounded by strange noises and people. Luckily my mum was with me at the airport helping me this whole time (I don’t think I could have managed without her – she is awesome!), so she comforted me – the stupid big baby that I am!

Then it was suddenly time for me to go through security, meaning I had to say goodbye to my mum. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t cry at this point. I don’t know if it was because I was so worried about Smudge, but my mum is also coming out to see me in a few weeks, so I won’t really have time to miss her.

I’m sure it will be a relief to find out that Smudge and I were indeed re-united as the plane was boarding, and she was so good. She didn’t make a sound the whole flight, she just curled up and went to sleep. We had to change flights at Athens, but again she stayed with me the whole time.

When we reached Heraklion, I picked up my car rental and we set off. Of course I got lost trying to leave Heraklion, but we soon got back on track, and headed over the mountains towards southern Crete, and our new home… Pitsidia!

So 15 short hours after leaving my parents’ flat in London, we arrived! Smudge has since settled in to our new home really well. She is purring a lot, and eating and drinking as normal, so it seems like it was just me that got stressed out on the journey!



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