NB: the sea is freezing!

Today is my sixth day in Crete and my first day working…or perhaps I should say my first day of procrastinating.

I’ve not actually done too badly; I’ve finished an assignment for my course which was a bit of a struggle, but I just can’t bring myself to tackle my book yet. Baby steps!

So instead I thought I’d write another blog post – at least it’s writing. I’ve done a lot over the past six days whilst at the same time not doing anything at all! I’ve cooked quite a bit – check out the lamb dish on the recipe page…dee-lish!

One thing I’m missing actually is convenience foods. By that, I don’t mean fast food or ready made meals. I mean things like diced lamb or skinless chicken breasts. I went to the supermarket today to get some chicken, and they only had whole chickens (complete with feet!). I’m not very good at butchery so I’ve left it for now, but I’m going to have to get over that or I won’t be eating much meat while I’m here.

IMG_9842 (2)

I’ve been down to the beach a couple of times now too. My first visit was just to see it, pick up a shell, and have a quick paddle, but yesterday I decided it was time I went for a swim. It took a good hour of sitting on the beach to work myself up to it, and boIMG_9859 (2)y was it cold. Who knew the Mediterranean could get that cold? I’m not sure it technically qualifies as a swim as I literally just went in, got goosebumps, and got out again. It was f…f…fff…fffreezing. But I did it so I’m happy for now, and I even found another pretty shell.

I’ve spent the last six days completely on my own. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I thought I might get lonely, but so far I’ve enjoyed it. I have had moments of guilt where I’ve thought I really should be doing something else, but who says? As well as writing my book, part of this trip is rediscovering myself which I’m slowly doing through the act of not doing anything at all. Everything about my time in Crete is exploratory, and it may not work but the true success will be in the act of trying.

Right, I’m losing the last of today’s sun so I’m going to vacate the roof terrace and head back downstairs to prepare tonight’s dinner: a humble jacket potato with tuna and salad.

And tomorrow…I’ll write my book. Maybe.

IMG_9882 (2)


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