A creative writing assignment

As part of my quest to become an author, I have enrolled on the London School of Journalism’s Creative Writing course. I’m hoping that they will not only give me some much needed feedback on my novel, but also teach me new skills. I have decided that sometimes, instead of a regular blog, I will post some of the isolated assignment pieces I have done as part of the course… no sneak peeks at my novel yet though! So here is the first one.

Write a short scene in which you reveal character through dialogue and action.

Janet walks into the room and she can feel people’s eyes on her, taunting her.

“What is she wearing?” Becca whispers to Ella. “Someone should tell her that floral pink dresses should be kept for children’s parties only. NOT school discos.”

They both snigger, and Ella adds “Yeh, and ginger people should NEVER wear pink at all. It clashes so badly.”

Janet notices everyone whispering, but chooses to ignore it and walks with her head held high over to the buffet table. She picks up a vol-au-vent and then someone taps her on the shoulder. She turns and sees her best friend Lottie.

“Wow, Lottie. You look beautiful. That 19d6f592304e856417d9a971114b630fdress is stunning. It’s so sparkly.” Janet looks awkward and pats down her own dress. “Mum couldn’t afford a new dress, so I’ve got to wear this hideous thing from the 80s!”

“You look great Jan. I love what you’ve done with your hair.”

Janet plays with one of her ringlets, “Thanks, I borrowed my sister’s heated curlers. She’ll go mad if she finds out!”

Becca strolls over to the table and looks Janet up and down.

“Why Janet, don’t you just look delightful,” she says with a sneer. “I mean, I wish I could pull off blue eye-shadow and pink lipstick. It’s such a daring look, but it really brings out your freckles.”

“Go away Becca,” Lottie says putting her arm around Janet. “Loving your shoe accessory by the way. It really sums you up!”

Becca looks confused, but then looks down at her feet and notices a long strip of toilet roll stuck to her pink peep toes. She quickly rips it off and red-faced, turns around and storms off.

Lottie turns back to Janet. “Take no notice of her Jan, just because her mum and dad buy her expensive dresses and shoes, doesn’t mean she has style. I mean, if I had her bum, I would not be caught dead in a lycra dress!” They both giggle, and sit down at a table with some of their class mates.

“Hi Janet.” She looks up and sees Henry from her Physics class sat across from her.

“Oh hi Henry, I like the tweed suit. Very smart. It matches your glasses, gives you a very sophisticated look.”

Henry blushes. “Thanks. You look very pretty tonight.” His gaze remains fixed on the table. “I was wondering… would you… I mean, I would very much like… would you join me for a dance?” He keeps his head down, but allows himself to steal a glance at her and sees she is smiling.

“I would love to dance Henry, but let me just take these god-awful heels off first. They are not built for dancing.” She takes her shoes off and follows Henry to the middle of the room. A slow song comes on and she leans her face against his shoulder, and they both just know: this is where they belong.


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