My mum is on her way!!

My mum’s coming to visit!! I know I’ve only been here for 11 days (who’s counting?), and this is most definitely something I want to do on my own…but I’m so excited about seeing her! Me and my family are extremely close – some people may think it’s a bit weird, but I love it. We all live in North London, within 20 minutes walk of each other, and we probably see each other at least once a week. Well, we used to live within 20 minutes of each other: obviously I’m now a bit further away.

So even though it has only been 11 days, I’ve FaceTimed quite a few times. This is largely due to the fact that I have an adorably gorgeous little nephew who is 16 months old and I miss him like mad. He is the only child in our family – neither me nor my older sister can have children (long story, perhaps for another time), and I love him to pieces.

Sorry, going off topic a bit. So, my mum is coming to stay for a fortnight. I’m living in her house, and I’m getting so nervous. She has made a wonderful home out here in Crete, with gorgeous flowers in the garden, handmade furniture in the living room and bedrooms, and each separate flat is equipped with everything you need – right down to individual electric juicers. It’s really important that my mum and dad feel I am respecting their home, so I’m really nervous about my mum coming over. What if she doesn’t like the way I’ve arranged the food in the fridge, or if I’ve put the laundry away in the wrong cupboard?

Mostly though, I’m just so excited. It’s been lovely being here on my own, but I’m excited to share my experiences with someone other than my laptop and cat. I can’t wait to cook her one of my meals from Vefa’s Kitchen cookbook. And finally, I can go out for dinner. I am aiming to eventually do this on my own, but I feel I have taken a big enough step by moving out here to wait before I take the next leap.

I’m driving up to Heraklion airport to collect her in a few hours. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop smiling the whole way there. Mum’s coming, mum’s coming, mum’s coming!

joenie2 001 (2)

My gorgeous mum and dad, with a young Bonnie (family friend).


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