I finally got the chance to eat out, and it didn’t disappoint

I’ve now been here for 15 days and I’m only just starting to realise that this is now where I live. I live in Crete!

It’s been great having my mum here too as we’ve been doing some proper ‘jobs’ to get everything in the house just right. We bought a rug for the living room yesterday – it only cost €70. You would pay four times that in London for something of a similar size.

I’ve also started letting my cat out during the day. I think I may have mentioned before that she is a bit clingy, so she has been my shadow most of the time – only going where I go. So if I go up to the roof terrace, she comes up after me. If I go down to the olive tree, she comes down with me. She’s being a bit more adventurous over the past day or so though, and is exploring some areas of the garden on her own, but so far she hasn’t gone beyond our perimeter which makes me feel a bit easier about it.

IMG_9981 (2)

We also have four sheep currently living next door, and I don’t think Smudge knew quite how to handle seeing them. Sometimes she sits and watches them through the fence, but mostly they ignore each other. Her favourite thing at the moment is watching the butterflies though, and I like to watch her watching them.

The other great thing about having my mum here…we went out for dinner last night! It was amazing! The first time I’ve been around other people properly for over a fortnight, and the food was delicious. Just as I remembered from previous visits to Crete.

We went to Vafis in Sivas and had fried zucchini and tuna salad to share for our starter, followed by kleftiko each. I’ve had Kleftiko a few times before in Cyprus and in a Turkish restaurant back in London, and it was nothing like what I was served last night. I’m not sure which version I prefer, but they are very different. When I’ve had it before it has been slow-cooked lamb shank served on the bone with potatoes and veg, but last night it was slow cooked lamb pieces with feta cheese, served in a filo parcel. I would definitely have it again now I know what to expect!

At the end of the meal ensued one of the common Cretan customs – free Raki and fruit. I am not a fan of Raki at all so I normally don’t drink it, but the owner came round and poured himself a glass so I felt rude not having it. ‘Yamas’ and down in one, get it over and done with. I think this gave him the impression I liked it though as he poured us all another two shots despite my constant ‘ochi, ochi’ remarks. It was good fun though, so I probably will drink it again 🙂

So with it being my first meal out in Crete for a while, I wasn’t sure what the damage would be when the bill came. It was my treat, so I’d grabbed an extra €150 as we were leaving home to make sure I had enough to cover it. When the bill came and it was just €27 for the two of us, I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t! Two courses plus a litre of wine for just €27. I’m amazed how they can cook such gorgeous food for so little. In London you’d be lucky if that covered one person for lunch.

Even with the slightly banging head I woke with this morning, it was a really good night and one that I hope to recreate many more times over the next six months and with the price of dining out I’m sure I will. We’ll be going out locally on Friday, but we definitely plan on going back to Sivas before my mum leaves.

Yamas everyone!


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