The flora and fauna of Crete

Since I’ve been here (today is my 24th day), I’ve seen a plethora of different flowers, plants, beetles and other bugs. I’ve managed to capture a few on camera, so thought I’d share some of my better pics.

Some beautiful flowers that are growing in my garden – a glorious sight to greet me every morning:

And some that I’ve come across in the wild. These were just scattered along the roadside – a bright burst of colour in the middle of dusty wasteland:

Enough of the flora for now, time for a bit of the fauna I’ve come across so far. Crickets (or perhaps they’re locusts, or cicadas) just hanging out and being in love!

There are so many beautiful butterflies, I had to include at least one. Snail buddies in the middle, and I’ve absolutely no idea what the eggs on my mint leaf will grow up to become. They were hard too, and in such a delicate and precise formation.

Useful flora: on my trip to Komos beach yesterday, I also came across a wild almond tree – absolutely amazing. There were quite a few almonds growing, but I left them where they were. I think I remember that raw almonds are a bit of a pain to prepare. And then there is the Aloe Vera. I haven’t seen any growing wild yet (plenty of Agave though), but my neighbour gave me some from her plant. I can’t believe I have the pleasure of using fresh Aloe Vera. Love it!

And finally, I couldn’t share a post on wildlife without including a few pictures of this wild thing…











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