My mum’s visit – part 1

I’m back on my own and it feels weird. My mum left on Sunday after being here for a fortnight and it was really sad saying goodbye at the airport. It was a lovely couple of weeks, and she has helped me massively when it comes to settling in but I’m not sure how productive I have been in terms of working.IMG_0170 (2)

Although my mum is quite content busying herself and doing her own thing, I did get quite easily distracted by her (through no fault of hers I hasten to add). Even if she was weeding the garden, or doing laundry, having someone around the house was exciting and I wanted to be involved in everything she was doing…which of course is bad when you are supposed to be working on your writing!

The past few evenings have been a bit dull too since she left. It was nice to share stuff with someone else – I’m not just talking food and wine, but general chit chat or a play-along with Pointless (yep, we were really that sad!).

While she was here, we weren’t allowed to do anything on Monday-Friday during the day, as those were work days, so our day trips were limited to two weekends. We went out to eat a few times during the week though – the first time to Vafis in Sivas (which I blogged about before).

The following Friday we were also due to go out so we showered, got dressed, did our makeup…but it was so windy and cold out that we decided to stay in and watch a film with the fire lit instead. Who says I don’t live a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle?!

After Moires market on Saturday morning, we spent the afternoon gardening – the first time I’ve done any proper gardening since I was a child when I planted an evening primrose in my own personal patch of garden at the back of my parents house.

We did go out on Saturday night though to make up for our Friday night fail. We wanted to go for a drink to start our evening so headed off to the local bar, known to the Stickland’s and all that know us as the Breakfast Bar (that’s not its name though – long story) but it hadn’t opened for the season yet. We walked a bit further round the village (came across a lovely abandoned building full of yellow flowers) and found ourselves at a traditional Greek kafenion – not a woman in sight.IMG_0237 (2)

We braved it and ordered a glass of wine each whilst the locals all stared. I’m not sure what was stranger for them – women in their bar, or the fact that we ordered drinks. Not one of them had a drink in front of them. They were all sat at individual tables watching an episode of Miss Marple with subtitles on the TV. Weird.

After our drink, we headed to a local restaurant, Ariadne’s in Pitsidia. Not a lot of restaurants had opened for the season, and it was actually her first night so she kept telling us that they didn’t have a lot on the menu yet. We ordered cheese saganaki (delicious but indulgent fried cheese) with a tomato and cucumber salad to share as starters, then we both ordered lamb as we were continuously told ‘it’s fresh today’ – and mum says their lamb is always delicious, which it was.

There’s so much more to say about my mum’s visit. I need to talk about Mike’s taverna, the walk through the olive groves, my second dip in the sea and my trip to the vet’s with Smudge, to name but a few. But unfortunately I need to go and sort my dinner out so I’ll have to continue another night. See you soon!


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