Miss Independent!

Just a quick blog post from me tonight – I’m off out! Eek!

This is going to be first meal out on my own, and I’m stupidIMG_0485 (2)ly nervous. It’s a non-drinking night for me, so I’m taking the opportunity to drive to Vafis in Sivas for dinner for the third time, but first on my own. I’m also a little worried as the temperature has just plummeted and they have just opened up a lot of outdoor seating (of course, when I say it’s plummeted, I’m talking about lows of maybe 18C, but that’s cold to me now!). I’m hoping I won’t be the only one that wants to eat inside as that would just be extra-awkward.

You’d think that at 37 I would be over all this jittery nervousness now, but nope. Still at least I’m not letting it hold me back.

All showered and ready to go…wish me luck!

(Keep an eye on this post, as I will probably update it later with how it went.)

The aftermath

Okay, so that was short-lived, a wee bit chilly, and more than a little awkward. But I’m so glad I did it. When I got there, the sun was shining in the square, and there were three other tables already sat out there and nobody inside, so felt like I should follow the trend. Unfortunately, the largest group left almost as soon as I sat down, and another couple left as I just finished ordering, which left me and a table with two women on it.

They had just finished their starter, so I felt a little better. And I was sure other people would be arriving soon. I was wrong. Their main came before my starter, and they left as I just received my main, so for the latter part of my meal I was sat in the square on my own. A square that has lots of traditional cafe’s looking onto it. Traditional cafe’s with lines of men sat against the walls looking out at the square. With just me in it.

I had my kindle with me, so I tried to concentrate on reading that and soaking up the atmosphere, but there is something awkward about reading a kindle in a place like that – I would have much preferred to have a physical, old-fashioned book with me.

During dinner, a group of young boys (can’t have been older than 14) on mopeds went past the square dragging huge sections of olive trees behind them on ropes, trailing the tree along the road and then into the garden of the church. The owner of the restaurant explained the wood will be used to make an effigy of Judas for them to burn at Easter – it will be over 15ft high. I wish I’d got a photo of them dragging the trees as it was a very bizarre sight, but I just didn’t think at the time.

Lasted about an hour and a half, but all in all I’m pleased with myself tonight. It was lovely food, the owner was very nice (again) and it has given me more confidence for next time. And there will be a next time, but perhaps I’ll go along later when other people may be out too, or venture into the village instead so I can have a glass or two of wine.


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