To pódi ponáei

I went to bed last night with exciting visions of me working away on the beach all day today, but I woke to a hazy sky and a choppy sea this morning so I’ve had to take a raincheck. Instead, I’ve spent most of today sat on IMG_9898the balcony at the front of the house.

As I was sat, working away on my laptop, I glanced down at the garden and watched my cat exploring under a bush. When she came out, I noticed she was limping a bit. I assumed she’d got a twig or something caught between her…toes?! That’s not really what they are, but what is the word for the individual parts of a cat’s paw?

When I went to take a look, I saw that one of her nails had grown too long and had pierced the pink cushion of her paw where it remained lodged. The surrounding area looked infected too. After a bit of googling, I decided I would cut her nail myself so got my nail clippers and sat down with her. I couldn’t do it. Not because I was a wuss or was too scared or anything, but I couldn’t stop her wriggling and get myself in a position to cut it, so I had to take her to the vets.

Once there, I very proudly said to them in Greek: “My cat. The foot hurts.” Or for those that want to know how to say it in Greek: “Η γάτα μου. Το πόδι πονάει.”

So, so proud of myself! The vet speaks English, but I wanted to try, and he understood me perfectly – even though I didn’t know how to say her foot hurts. I couldn’t say anymore in Greek so the rest of the conversation carried on in English, but it’s a start.

He clipped her nail, cleaned the wound, gave her some antibiotics and charged me €10. In England, that wouldn’t even get you in the door to see the vet. Amazing. And we were in and out in no time at all.

Η γάτα μου is now back home and is feeling much better…although I don’t think she’s been a huge fan of today’s heat either!

My brave little soldier!






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