More flora and fauna of Crete

Since my last blog about the wildlife and plants that I’ve spotted in Crete, I’ve spotted loads more so I thought I’d write another post to share the new photos.

A wasp laying it’s eggs in the fir tree, and a hedgehog just randomly strolling through the garden!

A snap dragon, some spiky things that I can’t identify and a beautiful lily that stinks like rotting meat (apparently that’s its charm – it uses the smell to attract flies which it then feeds on).

Some other beasties that I’ve seen including my favourite bug so far, a sparkly beetle and a red and black beetle.

Artichokes growing randomly on the side of the road, I couldn’t believe it! And my mum’s wisteria flowering for the first time since she planted it.

A praying mantis that looks like it’s dried up in the sun (it hadn’t, it was walking just fine!) and a couple of grasshoppers.

A centipede, that’s not a centipede as it has too few legs…perhaps a dodecapede (??), olives and oranges growing in the garden, and a spider guarding its eggs.

And finally, some beautiful wild flowers, plus the stunning red hibiscus growing at the back of the house:


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