Looking ahead…to loneliness?

A bit of a dramatic title perhaps, but I have to acknowledge the possibility. One of my very best friends came out to visit me last week, and we had such an amazing time. I took her on a few walks, we ate a lot, drank a fair amount, and even took in some history at the old Minoan ruins at Phaestos. It was a really lovely holiday, and I’m sure she enjoyed it too! I decided to take the time off as I had (yay!) just finished my first draft of my book, which meant I had guilt-free days and better yet, no alarm in the morning!

But now I’m left with the prospect of loneliness. I have my longest solitary sprint yet – four weeks. But putting all the drama aside, to be honest at the moment I’m finding it exciting. I’m looking forward to the extended period of… I’m not sure what to call it, isolation? Independence? Solitary confinement? Whatever it is, it’s all part of my adventure – the reason I came out here (and to write a book of course!). So the idea of four weeks on my own doesn’t fill me with dread, panic or sadness. Quite the opposite. I’m feeling excited, motivated and inspired – the perfect combination for writing.

Of course there are moments when I can’t help but think about what I’m missing back home. A few weeks ago, my little sister was in a car accident with my nephew. Miraculously, they were both unharmed just a little shaken up, but the car was a write-off. I so wanted to be there to support her, to give her a big hug whether she liked it or not. But I couldn’t, and it made me quite teary.

That was followed by my nephew’s Christening. I’m not religious, but it was an important event in his life and I missed it. And I miss him. He’s getting so big, so grown up, and learning lots of new things every day.

But overall, things are still going well. The weather is getting much hotter (I really don’t know how I’m going to cope in August), I’m feeling more confident communicating in Greek and going off on walks on my own, and all in all, I’m having a great time. Me and my friend ate out every day, so I’ve also been enjoying cooking again, something which I’ve rediscovered the passion for since moving out to Crete.

Finishing the first draft of my book was an amazing feeling too. What a milestone! I have a lot of work to do now re-writing large sections earlier in the book, and then I’ll have to start editing, which I’m dreading, but I feel motivated to do it. The week’s holiday has been just what I needed before starting again, and now I’m back in the thick of it, and loving it!

And when I do feel like I’m missing out on family, that’s what FaceTime is for 🙂




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