Halfway through my Greek adventure

Yikes! I think that is the word that best describes how I am feeling at this point in time. I’ve just realised that, as of yesterday, I am halfway through my journey. That is a petrifying thought as I still feel I’ve got loads to do (although I shouldn’t downplay what I’ve already achieved).

The good news is, I’ve finished the first draft of my book which has allayed some of my bigger fears. But now that I am going back through it, I’m re-writing it pretty much from the beginning! Not sure if that’s normal, but I’m worried that I need another three months to finish the second draft…and only then will I be in a position to edit it.

And I have achieved something else this week: I’ve entered my first ever writing competition. I came across the criteria a bit late, so the short story of 5,000 words wasn’t quite up to scratch and I didn’t feel happy submitting it. But instead I entered under the flash-fiction and poetry categories. I had to write a story in 250 words, which is harder than you might think, and a poem in under 42 lines. Unfortunately I’m not able to publish them on my blog as it would result in disqualification, and the results aren’t out until September. But it was quite a good exercise to do nevertheless.

And another first, I got up the other morning to watch my first sunrise in Crete since moving here. It was a magical sight and I felt like I was the only person awake to see it. It motivated me for the rest of the day and gave me just the inspiration I needed.

As well as my workload, the temperature here is also hotting up. It’s been in the 30s all this week, and I must admit I’m struggling. I think I’m going to have to change my working patterns again if this carries on so that I work only in the cooler times of the day, and during the hottest parts I can just go and sit in the sea!

I’ve got three weeks until my next guests arrive here, although technically not guests as I’m only spending a few days with them and then heading off on my own mini-holiday. I’ve booked a lovely little apartment in the mountains for two nights, and then one night in Agios Nikalaos for a bit of luxury!

So between now and then, I need to set myself some goals…

  1. Reach chapter 20 in my re-write of my book
  2. Finish my short story
  3. Submit assignment 10 to my tutor

I think those are fairly achievable if I work hard. And now that I’ve put them out there into the ether of cyberspace, I’ll just have to make sure I do it!






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