Inspiration strikes as temperatures cool

Finally, the temperature has dropped back down into the twenties, so I’m finally able to enjoy sittinIMG_3571g outside again. Even in the sun! I’ve had a lovely day today relaxing this morning in the garden, reading and spending time with my cat. I took a wander into the village and came across a hidden gem in this tree trunk and vibrant purple flowers.

It may sound silly, but I notice so much more out here. In London, I was always on a mission to get somewhere or to meet someone, and that was really what each journey was about. It may sound clichéd but I didn’t take the time to look up and see what was around me. Something which I now regret, and that I will make sure I do at least once each day when I eventually have to rejoin the rat race.

This afternoon, I took a walk along the beach, past the usual church on the hill, read a bit more, went for a swim then came back. (As an aside, I don’t recommend the wetsuit/sea shoes from Lidl, mine have completely lost their grip and I nearly fell on my a**e getting out of the sea today!)

Now I’m all showered and refreshed and am sat on the balcony with my laptop and a glass of white wine (with ice of course!).

So my day was a pretty normal one in terms of my life in Crete. But something unusual happened on my walk today. All these ideas crept into my head and formed themselves into some kind of new novel plot. And I really like the thought of it. I’ve written the basics down so I don’t forget them, but I’m not giving up on my original novel just yet. I am excited about a totally different style of writing though – it’s probably good to have several strings to my bow, right?

The problem is, although I’ve parked it for now, the ideas keep sneaking back and so I have to write them down too. Before you know it, I’ll have written the entire thing! But actually, as long as I’m writing, I don’t mind what it is.

The sun is setting, so I’m heading back inside to make some dinner. Good night all x

IMG_3601 (2).JPG





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