A novel idea

This is just a quick post, primarily to air the thoughts that have been rushing about my head over the past week (as I live with just a cat, it was either blog about it or talk to her – so I’ve decided to do both!).

As I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve finally finished the first draft of my novel. In fact, I’m doing well on the second draft too, and should be able to manage the objectives I set out for myself in my last blog (re-write the first 20 chapters by June 18th). But I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Not a big enough one to stop me writing at the moment, just one which may come in to play later on in the process.

The problem? I keep thinking of other novel ideas.

This may sound like a writer’s dream, and perhaps it is and I just need to tackle it from a different angle. My main worry is that one of these new ideas would make for a better, more publisher-friendly novel than the one I’m spending all my time on at the moment. But I don’t want to give up on the one I am writing, which is why I don’t think it is a huge issue for now.

It is more a matter of thinking ahead. When it comes to seeing if I can make it as a published author, which story do I submit? If it is one of the ‘new’ stories, then how long do I give myself to write it?

And it’s not really like I could write the others as second or third novels as they are in a completely different genre.

Oh the problems that writers face, such a hard life!




2 thoughts on “A novel idea

  1. Ah, indeed, writer problems. I have the same issue. When I’m in the middle of working on a novel, I get ideas for another one. We have to keep strong and stick to our first stories before writing the other ones. Like you, I hope to publish one day but I doubt I will.

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