A change of scenery

Although I’ve been living on my own in Crete for the past three and a half months now, I think I’m just about to embark on the scariest aspect of my adventure so far. I’m going off on a mini-break into the mountains. Just for a few nights, but it is scaring me more than it aught to be. In fact, I’ve been close to cancelling a few times, but I know that is just silly.

It’s not that I’m doing anything particularly spectacular or challenging. I’ve just rented a small place through Airbnb which looks so peaceful, high up in the mountains where I will be able to go walking and visit the cave where Zeus was said to have been born and hidden from his father.

But the scary part is the unfamiliarity. Moving to Crete, although scary, wasn’t completely unfamiliar as I’ve spent many holidays in Pitsidia and have shared a drink or two with some of the locals. But this place in the mountains is an unknown entity, looming rather literally on the horizon.

At the moment though, the excitement is outweighing the fear. I’ve bought a couple of good maps and already planned my walking routes. I’ve packed my little overnight bag, and planned emergency provisions just in case I do get lost – plenty of water and a large packet of crisps!

And before I leave, I get to see my Mum who is coming over with her childhood best friend today. We’ll have lots to catch up on I’m sure so I’ll spend the next 24 hours with them before I go off gallivanting across the island. And I need to take them on one of my favourite walks through the olive groves!

So hopefully the next time I update my blog it will be to say what an awesome time I’ve had, and perhaps it’ll include some photos of mountain-specific flora and fauna.

But for now, must dash. Got lots to do before my guests arrive!



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