Flora and fauna of Crete: part 3

I thought that I would have exhausted my photos of Cretan wildlife after being here for five months, but I still see new things all the time. I guess it’s like anywhere, when the seasons change, so does the landscape. So here are a few of my latest finds.

A beautiful array of flowers:

I wasn’t sure what half these things were, but after careful inspection there is only one I still can’t identify fully. So they are: grapes (obviously), young guava, old artichoke, fresh walnuts and a nest of some kind.

This little fella fell off the roof right outside my window one night, he was stunned – which is how I was able to take this photo – but he soon recovered and scuttled off.

IMG_3692 (3)

There are actually two geckos that come to my window every evening to eat the insects attracted to the outside light. It’s quite comforting to know they are there.

A few more bugs from my travels too, including the first one which is what-I-like-to-call a moose beetle:

And of course, life in Crete wouldn’t be the same without random sheep wandering up and down the road:

Since moving to Crete, I’ve been really surprised at my growing fascination with bugs and plants, but what has possibly surprised me most is my obsession with tree trunks. Olive trees have the most beautiful, wise and gnarly trunk structures I’ve ever seen. I know I’m probably on my own here, but I had to share some of the prettiest ones I’ve seen. I think they are actually breathtaking…especially when you just happen to pass by one without really looking. Obviously the last picture has been somewhat enhanced by the hippies in Matala, but it still looks impressive.

And finally, just because they’re cute, some cats I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since I’ve been here (and a few of my own cat too – couldn’t leave her out!).








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